The Entire
Supply Chain.

Supplain is a blockchain protocol for developers, suppliers and logistics service providers.

By decentralising the entire supply chain ecosystem we guarantee enterprise-level security, data ownership and sustainability for everyone.


Creating Positive Global Change By
Reimagining Supply Chain
Data Ownership

Supplain is a blockchain ecosystem empowering key supply chain players and partners, guaranteeing a permissionless share of critical shipment logistics data combined with enterprise-level security and a low-cost environment. Supplain combines pioneering technologies to connect applications, systems and organisations across the supply chain industry.

Our vision is for the supply chain industry's players to connect their systems without direct end-to-end integrations or 3rd party middle-layer databases, giving them complete control of their data. We envision access to attainable new services only after making the data interoperable with other platforms.

It is ime to reimagine

Discover Supplain

Supplain is the first truly decentralised blockchain to accommodate the global supply chain industry's needs with

  • Enterprise-level security

  • Highly scalable

  • Low Cost

  • Interoperable
    with other protocols

Supplain partners


Supplain is built by combining the power of
the decentralised community of World of Freight and WOF Labs.