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Supplain is built by combining the power of WOF Labs and the decentralised community of World of Freight.

  • World of Freight
  • WOF Labs
World of FreightWOF Labs

World of Freight

The World of Freight Community is brought together through the World of Freight NFT project, directly connected to the roots of Supplain blockchain. The Community acts as a future stepping stone for creating the independent Supplain Foundation. Until the Foundation is formed, it only exists as a fully decentralised, remote community of like-minded people connected via online platforms.

The Community has a meaningful say in building the Supplain blockchain via community calls, discussions, and votes. So far, the Community already consists of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, e-commerce and supply chain field experts and developers worldwide.

Anyone can become an official Community member by purchasing a World of Freight NFT or any other collections created in the same NFT ecosystem. At the launch of the Supplain blockchain, all verified Community members will get rewarded based on their activity and overall support to the project thus far.

Join the World of Freight Community by getting a World of Freight NFT here