Don't sit at home. NFT Tallinn will be the most long-awaited NFT event of 2022

Sander Gansen



The most NFT-minded business day – NFT Tallinn, will be a one-of-a-kind spring event on 6th April 2022 at Kultuurikatel. On this day only, Tallinn will be buzzing with over 500+ attendees and world-class experts, speakers, international founders, investors, public servants, and most importantly – Apes and bananas.


What is NFT Tallinn?

The shift from web 2.0 to web 3.0 is becoming more evident, with NFTs allowing creators to unleash their creativity and develop disruptive business ideas. Tallinn NFT Day will focus on critical topics including Web3.0, DAOs, institutional investing and policy. 

Plus, we’ll have the most prominent players in metaverse, gaming, security, luxury, art and sports to discover the true potential of NFTs and how they will reimagine tomorrow's business models.

NFT Tallinn is more than a conference; it showcases the future waiting to happen. The event will feature talks and panels on:

  • Digital Art & Collectables
  • P2E Gaming & Metaverse
  • Artists & Social Tokens
  • Green Tech Solutions
  • Other NFT use cases
  • Future of web3 tech
  • Regulation & web3
  • Investing in web3
  • What are DAOs?
  • Other NFT use cases

For those looking to explore the NFT scene, there will be workshops on 

  • How to buy your first NFT?
  • How to create your first NFT?
  • What do web3 investors look for?
  • What do you need to know about taxes?

The NFT Tallinn event will take place in Kultuurikatel (situated inside an old Tallinn power plant, a unique venue in the city's old town and only 15 minutes from the airport) in Tallinn on Wednesday, 6th April 2022.

NFT Tallinn is all about connecting the leading minds in the NFT field with novice crypto enthusiasts, plus putting NFTs themselves under the spotlight. 

The crème de la crème of speakers and international artists include:

The story behind NFT Tallinn

The need for such a conference arose during work discussions in the Supplain and World of Freight. In the beginning, the idea was to organise only one NFT public meeting. Still, after hearing from our community about whether we should make the concept bigger, over 500 people expressed their wish to participate in a conference. 

From that moment, NFT Tallinn was born.

From there, interest grew - within Estonia itself, it became evident that many Estonians and international residents were already working on Web3 and NFT projects - and this conference appealed to them.

At the same time, there are even more who want to get into the NFT space and discover the NFT world for themselves. Thus, NFT Tallinn has been structured so that everyone can find interesting speakers and topics - both novices and professionals. NFT Tallinn does not occur in the traditional conference format but simultaneously in different rooms and with varying themes.

The conference will discuss various NFT use cases, including digital art, collectables, social tokens, green revolution blockchain applications, the future of Web3, DAOs, women in the NFT world, Web3 investing, and more. As mentioned, there are separate workshops for beginners on topics that should guide people to the world of NFT and Web3 and provide them with their first basic knowledge. Finally, an after-party with music is planned for the evening to find and network with new acquaintances in the NFT community.

The current state of NFTs

It is critical to be aware of the current state of the NFT market. The NFT space moves fast and has a lot to offer. Pioneers will be diving into Metaverses and exploring the endless possibilities that come with it, unleashing their creativity and developing disruptive business ideas.

So, let's talk about NFT tech. Let's talk about the web3 future. Let's talk about DAO concepts. Let's have fun!

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