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Andre Veskimeister


Supply Chain
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Why should we care about supply chain innovations? 

In a search for competitive differential advantage, many managers of world-class organisations around the globe have come to realise that differentiating on processes is more sustainable than differentiating on products.

Supply and demand fluctuations and lack of visibility are generating new challenges and problems in to supply chain.

Web3 provides some technological solutions to overcome these gaps, especially in connectivity and verifiability of data.

The Supplain Summit is dedicated to connecting Web3 technologies and Supply Chain challenges.

What is the Supplain Summit?

The Supplain Summit is dedicated to connecting supplain chain challenges and the most advanced technologies.

Supply and demand fluctuations and a lack of visibility generate new challenges and problems within supply chains. Autonomy, IoT, web3 and other emerging technologies overcome these gaps by connecting, structuring and verifying data moved through supply chains making intelligent decisions.

Hundreds of new companies are developing these solutions, and this conference is the space to connect those involved.

With so much innovation within supply chains from supply chain professionals, startups and venture capital, you cannot afford to miss the Supplain Summit.

The Supplain Summit will be on the 19th-20th of September 2022 at Kultuurikatel in the digital powerhouse of Tallinn, Estonia. During these two days, the capital will see:

  • 50+ speakers
  • 500+ selected guests

Discussing supply chain innovation on:

  1. Automation
  2. Analytics
  3. Connectivity
  4. Financing
  5. Procurement
  6. Sustainability
  7. Visibility

What is supply chain innovation, and why should companies care?

Supply chain innovation is vital for companies of all sizes. It means looking at how a company applies its assets, operating resources, and capabilities to develop new ways to satisfy consumer demand. Businesses should measure innovation value by how well they help meet customer needs. 

Whilst few companies are implementing breakthrough or 'leapfrog' innovations, nearly every company today is looking to innovate in some way or the other.

One such company that is determined to take a stride ahead is Supplain's supply chain messaging protocol. At the Supplain Summit, we'll demonstrate how it can minimise supply chain disruptions by increasing operability between all supply chain parties.

Join us; you simply cannot miss this event!

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