Why get a World of Freight NFT?

Eoin McLoughlin



This collection of 10,000 freight vehicles has become the poster child of supply chain NFTs. Right now, you can mint one for 0.08ETH since its launch on 26th September 2021.

But why purchase a World of Freight NFT? Whether you are a huge freight vehicle fan, seek the latest utility NFTs, love P2E NFT racing, or even just the unique artwork, this guide will inform you on why you should get a "WOF".

How was the idea of World of Freight born?

The idea for World of Freight was initially born as the WOF Labs team discussed plans for Supplain's future and realised they would need to first build a community of like-minded freight/supply chain enthusiasts before starting to develop Supplain - a supply chain messaging protocol. 

Furthermore, developing the community via NFTs sounded like an excellent option. Next up, the co-founders started building the concept for World of Freight and researched several projects - selecting the best concepts from various successful projects.

  • As a Bored Ape owner, WOF Labs CEO Sander Gansen influenced the team to emulate some of the roadmap and property ideas from BAYC creators, Yuga Labs.
  • Simultaneously, the team was impressed by Mooncats ability to "transform" by adding new elements after minting, so the team added the Garage, where an owner can add skin and performance upgrades anytime.
  • The co-founders also appreciated the concept from Waifusion of earning tokens and burning NFTs to get new ones that had; hence $WOF Tokens and the Junkyard were added to the mix.
  • The Freight Punks pay homage to one of the most successful NFT projects in history: The Cryptopunks.
  • And then, they also saw that none of the famous collections focused on vehicles. Even if they did, they just had one base vehicle, so they decided to create a plethora of base vehicles and developed a racing/supply chain-themed P2E game with initial elements borrowed from Zed.Run.

All that has followed since then has been influenced by over two thousand discord community members and contributors. Making this one of the premium crowdsourced games from a feature and mechanics point of view.  

What are the benefits for anyone wanting to own a World of Freight NFT?

The central concept has always been about building a community that will jump into building the Supplain protocol - and so far, the team have found remarkable talents and experts from within the community.

Simultaneously, the team wants World of Freight to continue its journey even after the birth of Supplain. To that end, they began building the World of Freight P2E game universe as well, which will eventually become a supply chain simulation game with mechanics that let genesis vehicle owners lease out their vehicles and Freight Punks to future gamers and much more, with the overall focus on being a fun and somewhat educative experience for everyone.

World of Freight NFT owners have already received free (VIP) access to LIVE events, participated in various challenges and treasure hunts, and get future NFT Air Drops, e.g. 3D vehicle NFTs compatible with the metaverse.

What is so special about a World of Freight NFT, and what will move the project forward?

World of Freight is not your usual generative art collection that promises to create comics and other future NFT collections, make an investment DAO, or even have high returns quick for flipping the art. 

Instead, owning a WOF vehicle NFT brings with it real utility. First and foremost, it is your proof of ownership of a World of Freight racing vehicle. Secondly, each NFT entitles its owner to 25 $WOF tokens per day for 10 years. The $WOF token is not just another ponzinomics-style inflationary token. It has a capped supply of 91,250,000 and is the utility token that allows users to purchase; new vehicles, drivers, upgrades and exclusive merch. $WOF can also be won by racing your NFT in the racing arena against other players. Furthermore, when vehicles are modified in the garage, all these modifications are reflected on-chain via your NFT. 

While strictly speaking, you don’t need to own a WOF vehicle NFT to participate in races in our racing arena (you can lease them for a profit share from other players), owning an NFT provides you with a far more immersive experience within the World of Freight ecosystem, including a personalised dashboard, leaderboards and even more functionality being added every month. 

Another massive benefit is in-person live events. 

To date, all WOF vehicle NFT owners have received free tickets to NFT Tallinn 2022 and NFT Tallinn 2023. WOF Labs have extensive experience in hosting crypto-centric conferences. They are also pushing to partner with more event partners in the future, creating phenomenal value for members of this exclusive club!

Finally, WOF Labs have set out to build an actual new standard for moving information across the supply chains together with the community - promising to reward all WOF vehicle NFT holders with $SUP tokens at the protocol's launch. 

This real-life utility concept differs from most other NFT projects, making it riskier but potentially much more lucrative for all parties involved.